Pallet Stacking Systems:

Inspiring ways to cut costs and CO²!
Our customers save at least 30% on their transport costs. By increasing load capacity, saving on fuel and road tolls, minimizing damage and reducing the need for expensive packaging, we cut even more from your main operational costs.
Moreover, no additional investments or adaptations to your transport equipment or warehousing systems are necessary. The only change needed is a change to your operational guidelines and instructions.
Pallets can be anchored at up to 12 different heights.
Autonomous, crush-free zone for all palletized products.
Robust (rock-solid) stability during warehouse handling and transportation by road, sea or rail wherever in the world.
Lightweight frame and easy handling
Eliminates damage caused by shifting during transportation.
Dynamic stack load of up to 700 kg.
Also suitable for transporting products that protrude outside of the pallet.
Now you can increase the load of each truck or container as much as 400%.

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